Thursday, July 21, 2011

I AM Going To Post More On The Game

but I also wanted to pop this in to let you all know one of the reasons I find posting difficult at the best of times. I use gaming and blogging as a crutch to escape from reality :) (it's true!) for many reasons, the largest being my wife's terminal condition. ONE of the many things she has a problem with is congestive heart failure. For those of you who don't know what this entails, the easy version is: when your heart doesn't push the blood fully out through your body, it begins to back up. You end up with excess blood and fluid in your outer limbs, then backing up closer and closer to the heart. When fluid backs up enough that it can't get out of the lungs easily, the excess fluid begins to leak out of the cells and into the air spaces of the lungs. You begin to literally drown in the fluids of your body. The outside symptom of this, one of them, is having a white frothy fluid build up inside of your lungs.

Last night, at 3:30 in the morning, my wife woke up coughing this white frothy fluid out of her throat.

She's "okay" now, but I'm losing my mind again. We're waiting to hear from her cardiologist and see what he wants to do.

It's things like this that make it hard to concentrate on any one thing, like POR for the NES :)  But no fear! I am dedicated to the concept of finishing this game before I turn older and greyer! In fact, I have more posts and more info to follow directly after this post!

Stay tuned, Sports Fans!

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  1. I somewhat understand what you and your wife are going through. My life's been crap since I tried out college in 2007 thanks recurring depression. Add on top of that my mom, like you, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago. Cymbalta in the morning and Flexerol before bed help here stiffness some, but there are still occasionally days when she has to lean on my back just to get around.

    Although, I haven't been much for video games lately (the only one I play regularly lately is Final Fantasy Adventure on the Visual Boy emulator- really good game by the way) they have been an escape for me in the past. A lot of my free time is on the internet now. Hang in there, I try to.

    - Giauz