Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's A Vast Empty New World (Albiet Filled With Horrible Beasts)

He's very sharp- and I don't mean as in bright.
Well, I took Dirten and the gang out into the wild. And it's a pretty wild wild. It sure looks empty...
I'm a horsie on a boat!
But oh trust me- everything is hungry and wants to feast on Our Gang.
Even the piggies are carnivorous!
And let me tell you about the bloody piggies. I dunno if they do this trick in the PC version, but in the NES version, the Boars are like trolls on steroids. You can take down a piggy and it'll be dying and vanish- and then it gets back up! And the pic comes back and the Boar is now pissed that you made it die!

For the past 2 days Blogger has not been working correctly- I don't know why. I can't upload pictures, and the text formatting has been weird. I'm going to try re-blogging again in a day or two. Until thenm, Our Gang will be fighting horrid beasts in the forests around Phlan. See yez soon!


  1. The boars work that way in other versions of the game too. It's a special ability they have. So, you haven't been screwed by the NES version.

  2. At a guess, I'd say this comes from them having a higher than 18 CON which gives them natural regeneration. Maybe the developers thought the boars weren't menacing enough on their own, or overlooked this regeneration thing when boosting their CON.