Friday, August 26, 2011

I Swear, I Tell Ya

I either have the worst luck, or I am accursed by God. One or the other. Finally I get me the time and the inclination to fire up POR again (I been busy, I been stressed, I been freaked). I head into East Outdoors so I can head back TO Phlan, head through a gate and start mapping. But as I turn the river head, I find a cave where kobolds ( a large band of them) are sneaking in! So I head in and have some wacky adventures. All in all I got a lot of XP, some gold, and while I didn't clear out the cave complex I figured I better go heal up and come back rather than leave my withered corpses to rot in the darkness forever.

As I head back down to to the boat to head back to New Phlan proper, I am called upon to do some householdly chore. I set down my game controller and get up. The cat leaps onto the table, knocks the game controller onto the keyboard, and the game screen changes to a night time screen with the error message "Game Save Improperly Loaded".

And guess who didn't save the game before getting up, because he didn't feel anything untoward was going to occur? Iffen's y'all guess little ol' me, y'all is correct!

Sigh. Getting closer though. I will finish this game :) I am doing better than another blog I read, where the author's last post was cleaning out Sokal Keep, over two months ago. At least I am trying :)

At least I didn't have to cut down a shrubbery with a herring. That would have sucked.

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