Monday, June 13, 2011

This Is Important Enough To Make An Entire Post About

Yes- I can't even get through the slums. I recently found out where the ogres are- and my characters can't even make a dent in them because I'm still level 1. Two ogres and about 6 kobolds and they eat my entire party alive in less than 2 combat rounds. So I need to grind up before I can take them on, which means I still need about 50 more random combats before my party levels up enough to take on that ogre/kobold group. I've been playing this game as often as I can (I am a caregiver for my termanilly ill wife, so I have a lot of free time, but I also have it broken up in smaller chunks throughout the day, not usually in one great free time chunk) but I can't catch a break.

I suspect it's just me- anyone else would be eating the monsters in  this game and not the other way around. But in the past 10 years or so I have had anti-luck. If something goes bad it will and usually in some horrible, life damaging fashion.

But anyway, that's real life and not in the purview of what this blog is about.

I wouldn't blame any of you that are reading this blog to just give up now that I have confessed my inability to get anywhere in this game. I'll still be here working on it when you get back though. If you come back :(


  1. I am actually stuck in about the same place. I think I have enough experience to train, but the trainers keep insisting that I do not have 1000gp!

  2. In all my fights, I've only saved up about 200 gold total and that includes the two treasure chests I have found. You may have over 1,000 and the program is confused. I don't have that money and at this rate I never will.

  3. Woohoo!
    I finally got one character to level 2, and it only cost 200 platnium! This is going to be expensive...

  4. I's gwine write me a post about my latest escapade. And it's a good escapade! Barely- after I sold enuff junk :)