Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Well, I Was A Liitle Off In My Calculations

My thief is lvl 2 :) Everyone else is too green.

I did discover that the NES version has some replayability built into it! Wow! In the slums, when you enter a square where the monsters have gathered, the NES version tells you a line that the monsters have been debated. This is a one time event and once triggered, doesn't happen again in the game. However, I have had to reload and repeat that section MANY times, and imagine my surprise when the line given by the monsters was different! So far there are three different things the monsters have been debating and you would only know this if you a) were accursed by God and kept having to reload, or b) decided to replay the game. Rather a nice touch.

I rather like the graphics for the NES version. The monsters are rather cute, when the animation comes up, and I even like the monsters in the combat section. They are all small and cutesy, yes, but each monster has a different look to it. The goblins and kobolds are all sorta smallish and pudgy, the hobgoblins are all thick and thuggish, and the ogres and bugbears are HUGE. I'd hate to see this kind of graphics on all games, but they do grow on you. Like a fungus.

Well, I am off to continue gathering XP so I can re-lvl my fighters and fighter/x's, so I'll let you know when I find something new!
Oh blessed freakshow

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  1. Are you talking about some 'gossip' you hear in the slum's market? I play the PC version and I get a different rumor it's time.