Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our Bloated Corpses Rotting In The Sun

I can find me no luck of any kind. First, and I cannot figure this out no matter how I scour the manual, I cannot figure out how to make my thief attack. Honestly. With everyone else, I hit AIM, then choose my target, press the button, biyango! But not for the thief, no no no. I hit AIM, i choose the target, press the button... nothing. Not for ranged attacks, not for melee. Sigh. But if I choose AUTO COMBAT for my thief, the NES runs him and makes him attack just bingo bango. Not fair.
Plus, I made the idiot mistake of FLEEing when I came across some orcs just a few steps from the entrance to the slums. Problem with that is you no longer have the option of getting an overhead view of the area any more, only the POV view. Sigh. Lost forever again. I didn't have time to get hungry and thirsty and despair for long- orcs left my corpses for the rats to feast on.
Anyway, for about the sixth time now I am working on clearing out more than 3 steps into the slums. Hopefully I won't be facing the GAME OVER screen again. Sigh. Wish me luck!

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  1. Try moving your thief into the enemy. That is how you make melee attacks on the computer version...