Friday, June 17, 2011

Well, I May Be In A Little Trouble

Why don't you do that.
Another fellow, in another blog (you may know the fellow- he writes CRPG Nostalgia) has cleared the slums. Except for the trolls, kobolds, and flour section. And one of you readers (Hello, thelamebrain :) ) told him that as long as all the other set encounterts in the slum were finished then you have cleared the slums and go catch your reward!
Nothing spec- Hey, I've done a lot

Apparently this is SO not true in the NES version. I have cleared the slums except for the kobolds/trolls/flour encounter, and that bitch of a clerk in the commissions office tells me that I have done nothing of note. Hello- I beg to differ with you, sister. Oh! I feel so butch typing this! :P

Sigh. Tell me agai.
So I need to lvl up some more then come back for the trolls. Sigh.
I just want you acknowledge the missions I have finished.
 Oh well. At least the lizardmen are a steady source of mini-XP rewards.
This was a scary battle when it started, I tell you!

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