Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Have To Kill Those Trolls...

Remember what HP totals and AC's I had last post? I'm gonna try and take on the trolls and kobolds and flour bags bursting. I'll keep you all updated right here with screenies :)

Well, my thief is dying already.
The first time the troll attacked, it hit all three attacks doing an average of 10 HP per attack. Hokey Smokes! And obviously trolls are resistant to either magic or sleep because I have only put a troll to sleep once in about 20 attempts.
Oh, Hell.
Well, my cleric just had his ribs shattered and the broken, splintered ends driven into the beating flesh of his heart.
Why, that barely broke my neck at all! 

The fighter died, and now my first fighter/magic user is in the process of becoming not-living.
I am so tired of this screen.

Obviously I am not ready for this encounter... or else I'm just hosed because I am accursed by God. Not sure which. I think everyone else I've ever read sort of breezes by this encounter. Sigh.


  1. Nobody breezes through this encounter. It actually looks EASIER than the computer version where its like 4 trolls and 4 ogres. Its like the encounter that separates the people who will continue to play Gold Box titles and the ones that don't.

    Because the series LOOOOOOVES these BS cheesefights. The final boss fight in the 2nd Dragonlance game is particularly vile. Multiple Iron Golems with mad spell resistance and gobs of Death Knights with all the insane level of super deadly spells they know.

  2. While not exactly cheering :), your comment makes me not feel so bad. Yeah, I can understand why these would be breaking points for people.

  3. Captain Rufus is right. This fight is tough. It's supposed to be tough.

    And he's also right that the NES version is easier. I just played Pool of Radiance on the PC recently, and that version had 3 Trolls and 3 Ogres, not some pathetic kobolds (that would have been great).

  4. The NES version is easier, but I still only managed it by trapping the trolls behind the kobolds. This is after I put the slums on hold and cleared out Sokol Keep for extra experience.