Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Chuggin'

Lizardman bukkake. And that's the last time I will ever make THAT kind of joke!
Well then. Things have turned upwards, definitely, except for my poor fighter/magic-users- they are both sad lvl 1s. Too bad for them. My thief is lvl 4, my fighter/cleric is 1/2, my fighter is lvl 2... on an HP basis they are both waiting, nay- ASKING- to have their spleens and livers removed with sharp chunks of dirty metal. Everyone else has HP much higher. My lowest is 14, my highest 28, and then the two arena fighters lagging with 5 and 7.
I just added this pic because that lizardman sprite is just cute as all get out :)
And then there was Ohlo.

I dunno what his backstory was or is, but I liked the XP I got from him :)

However, to get XP now,I am having to work on the section of the map just to the west of the slums. And this new area is HARD- with lizardmen no less! Luckily, they just seem to have more HP- they don't seem to hit me any harder, just slightly more often. Often, they do only 2 HP damage per hit. But that adds up when they hit more often.
On the combat map this guy would look very scary. It's a gnoll- though he looks like a  kobold in this pic.
So right now, RP wise, my characters are just doing what they came to New Phlan for and nothing else- they're just trying to build up a nest egg by beating the snot out of monsters in the slums of New Phlan. There is no mysterious happenings for them- although Figtle is starting to wonder just who this "The Boss" is, and why he seems to have a grudge on against them. The thief doesn't talk much, and the three half-elf triplets are too busy re-enacting Three Stooges routines to think deeply about anything :) Figtle is the thinker, the brooder, though he spends a lot of his 'adventure time' unconscious. He's getting better at that aspect though.

This screen leads to the battle with two trolls and about 5 kobolds. I take out the kobolds no problem. Then the trolls take me out no problem.
Before I started this blog and started this adventure, I was starting to have serious fears and worries that I would never be able to play a "serious" RPG again. My concentration problems are bad. But I have been getting about 6 hours a sleep a night as compared to 2 like I usually did and I don't know if that's the deal maker, but I am no longer worried. I make my maps, I make my notes, and so far I'm doing just fine. This is good! It means I may be able to play all the older games I have been hoping to do! Yay!
This pic has nothing at all to do with the 'lizardman bukkake' pic at the top. Seriously.

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