Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Explorations And A Bullet Dodged

Fist pumps and fist bumps all around!
Yes, the slum is cleared and I have been working on the other areas around the place. Not sure what these areas are called, but they are being cleared.  One of the places I found was a large building in the middle of a large empty square. Being the curious fellow I am, in charge of a curious batch o' peoples, I decided that this building should be checked out. 
My guess is I'm in- a library?
So I checks this place out. I find a lot of boring shelves of philosophy, mathematics, and large hissing lizards. What?
Oh, THAT large hissing lizard.
I beat on this creature for a few smacks and had no real idea what I was fighting, until it took a turn, and I freaked when it said the BASALISK took it's turn! Luckily, there seem to be a quite a few charges in my fireball necklace! The Basalisk gazed once and I guess I was smiled upon by the Gods themselves because immediately after that it bit at one of my characters. I then slammed it for a mass amount of damage and it died. I recorded the fight in FCEUX FM2 format- I need to figure out how to convert/play and record into windows format so y'all can see it. I got a fair amount of XP for it but not nearly what I thought I should get.

I then continued examining and stealing everything I could get my hands on- a bunch of boxes of gold leaves in a couple of rooms, a couple other things I can't remember, then I came across these guys.
Thanks guys! Appreciate the info.
They begged for help and then told me the above when my help turned out to be not slaughtering them- and it turns out that's the help they were looking for :) I also found this guy.
I've fallen, and I can't get up!

Drat, stuck in caption mode again. Blogger is irritating sometimes. 
I wonder who he was?
I also found a book all about this Tyranthraxus guy. All sorts of history on this guy. Tyranthraxus, Tyranthraxus... Sounds familiar.
He sounds scary.
There was a lot of info on this guy. I'd show more pics, but Blogger is just being a royal pain right now and not putting pics where they belong.
Sigh. Except for this one, the last one.
And then when I am leaving the building, I'm faced with this blue guy.
Don't mean to belabour the obvious fella, but the lack of blood in your body says bad things about this "life" you mention...
Then it's another fight. Most of my guys miss him, but Thifling is in LOVE with his necklace and he fires a few fireballs. The others smack the blue guy around and he never hits me, and soon enough he too has become dead once again. I find out after when reading the rule book again that this SPECTRE likes to DRAIN LVLS, so I dodged another bullet.

I have gone from being accursed by God to being the luckiest guy on the planet! 
Hey, I guess that madman wasn't so crazy after all.

I'm rocking the joint like a hurricane. I have to head back to the city commisionors (How is that spelled?) office then up to the training hall. I have no guarantee I've gotten enough XP to go up a lvl, but I'm a hopin'!

I'll see you all later with more news :)


  1. Man, the descriptions in the NES version are lacking compared to the PC and C-64 versions. For instance, Norris the Gray's letter was far more detailed than: "I ain't following no ogres, unless you let me lead." He wrote a long reply and it painted a pretty clear picture of who he was and what he thought of himself.

    The lack of detail would have really killed the computer versions. I'm glad they used the journal entries.

  2. It's funny: some of the graphics are much more interesting (I don't know if I want to say "better") in the NES version, including the green slime and the "basalisk." The corridors look a little more detailed, too. But the combat screen is godawful.