Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gems, Gems, The Magical Loot

I lost my false teeth and I'm MAD AS HELL

I was hurting for cash. So bad I even sold my +1 broad sword so that I could try and train someone. And even that brought me to slightly less than 2000 GP. And then I realised- I have a metrix butt-load of gems- maybe I should try selling them? So I tried selling one and got 1000 GP for it. BINGO!

I went to a gem-shop and sold my gems and to be honest I didn't get better prices than if I had stayed and sold them at the arms dealer. Not sure why they differentiate like that. But after I sold my THIRTY SIX gems (honestly, I cannot tell you why I didn't notice them- the tally is in the corner all the time), I ended up with almost 7000 GP! Not bad :) makes me wish I had realised that BEFORE I sold my +1 broad sword. Sigh.

But my thief is now lvl 3 and my fighter/cleric is 1/2 now! I am actually getting somewhere now! Wowzers! :)

I've mapped about 1/2 of the slums now, so I'm getting there.
The monster sprites are perfect. They're cute, they easy to tell apart. The hobgoblin is fat, the ogre is huge and the gnoll is scary. They just lack color, otherwise they are perfect.

I can't get the bloody thing out of caption mode. How about that.

I even tried fighting a duel. What an exercise in futility. I sat there just pressing the 'A' button for about five minutes while I and another sprite took turns missing. I grew so bored I started growing bark. Here's a screen cap of the action.
Stare at that screen for five minutes, then drag your unconscious fighter to a temple because he lost. YIPPEE!

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