Friday, June 24, 2011

This Is The Crazy You Have To Go Through

I just checked my people if they needed to lvl up after a successful Podol Plaza auction mission. It takes a metric butt-load of screens and button presses to check 5 PCs. This post is also pic intensive, but only so you will know the horror- the terror.

My sincere apologies if my posts look more incoherent than normal... I destroyed my normal keyboard, so I am using a rubber, waterproof, weird-chiclet-like-keys keyboard. No moving parts- you depress rubber buttons. The 's' key is missing so I have to be extra careful to depress the small diode in the hole and that is toughish, force me to artificial slowness. The space buttons are oddly shaped and easy to not press right. Wah, boo hoo, poor me. At least I don't live in India where they keyboards are made of rice and the children have to eat their keyboards at night or go hungry. Not sure where that came from.

Because this game is a NES game, I have a gamepad plugged in to play it with so as to be more authentic. When I enter the training hall, I am met with this screen.
1) Nice to know. Thank you, unnamed lady.

It takes a button press- either A or B, or a press on the D pad- to get this next screen.
2) One from column A, one from column B
D pad to my choice, then a press of the A button.
3) Good God man, you are ugly.
I D pad to my character of choice, press the A button. I choose Ficle.
4) Either fighter or magic-user, please.
I have to press A or B or D pad to get to the next screen.
5) Whoops, how about cleric instead? *blush*
I D pad, then press A at my choice.
6) Sir,I am not a tree.
I takes A, b, or D pad to get off this screen.
7) Probably. A good chance there is.
Another A B or D pad to leave this screen as well.
8) Yes or no, i would think.
I D pad and press A at my choice.
9) This is effectively step 3 again.
Here I either D pad and choose to start again, or B button to back out of this menu tree.

It's a lot of screens to check each and every character. Oh, and as a by the by, I have tried to hire an NPC here, and I dunno why but they won't let me. Why? Dunno. I have a slot open. I'm not too high or too low in  lvls, I think. If I can hire one later I'll fill you in.
But- but why?? Tell me the problem so I can fix it!

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  1. The process of checking your levels and training PCs in the DOS version is very different but equally annoying. I finally just started consulting my characters' stat screens and comparing their experience with the level tables in the back of the adventurer's manual. It took much less time.

    Your keyboard story would be funnier if the "s" key didn't work at all and you had to write around it. Like David Sedaris, but typing.