Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Was Mistaken & Hokey Smokes, TROLLS

Tell me something I don't know, please.
That section of the slums that I thought made for replayability? My mistake- you can renter the same large square and each time it tells you something. Sigh. So much for the NES doing something better :) I dunno how the PC plays this large "circus" (using circus as more the Picadilly Circus than Ringaling Circus).

I finally entered the old Rope Guild section of theslums and manoman yups- suddenly the "automap" is no longer available. That would make mapping harder had they not given you a map of the slums anyway- now you just have to be more careful when "mapping" the doors to the map they gave you. It's like a game like this USED to be instead of how  the game starts out :) So now I have to figure out what that shop is on the SE section of the slums in the Rope Guild, and the hardest section of all...

The two trolls playing "toss the flour" with the kobold kids in the SW section of the Rope Guild. Right now I'm not nearly strong enough to take on the trolls- they are BIG, they hit twice, and while I didn't last long enough for the one troll I managed to take down to get back up I dunno how I'm gonna make the trolls STAY down. Especially since yeah, when you clear the slum you CLEAR the slum.
Okay, but I knew that. Howzabout something I don't know? 
Except there are at least 2 doors that lead to the west inside the slums, so there ismore... city? slum? pointless labyrinth? I can work on over there... so we'll see how it works out.

I'm enjoying the game a lot more now that it isn't so much an exercise in futility. It's become merely frustrating instead of infuriating :)

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