Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This Is One Of Those "Pickle" Moments

I saved my game when I got into the castle, past the bugbear gates. I have been trying

and trying

and trying

to survive up here but it just ain't working. My easiest fight is against 1 normal human, 1 6th lvl magic user and 2 ettins. I die fast. The harder fights are between me and about 9 bugbears. I die even faster. Sadly, i did save my game inside the gate so I don't actually have a save I can easily go back to... except that I have been periodically backing up my saves, 'just for old times sake'.

My 'closest  to todays date' save is 6/26/11 and I am not quite sure how far back I am and i'll thus have to re-follow my steps, but I am clearly way over my head here. I need to head back to New Phlan, go to the docks and look for Sokal's Keep  ( a tip o' the hat to The Enraged Geek for the head's up- thnkx!).

So, tomorrow or so I'll let y'all know how I've been doing. I never would have thought of the Docks on my own. I forgot they were there. I do suck after all.


  1. Yeah, you are not meant to be taking on that area at your current level. The game is great in that it lets you try your hand at anything you'd like, but it's clear that some areas are not going to work at every level.

    Also, there are plenty of other things left to do before you pursue heading that direction.

  2. This game reminds me, in that way, of the Might & Magic games. They gladly plunk a megalvl encounter right next to your start point and then not say a thing about it. You wander in and the walls run red with the blood of the slain. Live and learn is the name of the game there :)