Monday, June 20, 2011

Behind The Scenes

Figtle was still worried that the dynamics of their little party would change, and change was rarely for the better. That morning he'd slept in since he and Fimu had been awake later than usual. The orc blood spilt during the day had left them both rather more randy than usual that night and by the time they were both spent it was very late.

Ficle had burst in at cock's crow to waken his sister for the day, and woke Figtle as well, still sleeping in Fimu's bed. The fighter cleric hadn't batted an eye, however, merely including Figtle in his morning's greetings.

But now Figtle was worried, hiding it behind morning sleepiness as they discussed the revelations of the last few days. He took a long drink of morning's beer.

"While I'm cheered by their new building in what were the slums," he grumbled, "I can't help but be worried about this 'Boss' person."

"I was nice being recognized by the city," said Fimu, referring to the ceremony a few days back when the city of New Phlan had given them all symbolic Keys to the City for their work in clearing the slums of dangerous beasts. "I've never had anything like that done before."

"That one worries me most," said Thifling, nervously playing with a butterknife as they ate breakfast. "It's bad enough that this 'Boss' doesn't like us already, and now this- letting everyone know we were the major reason the slums are cleared out and new work is being done. This 'Boss' scares me to death."

"Aye,"said Figtle, peering into his mug. Almost half empty and they'd just started eating. Hmmm. "We'll have to keep our eyes and ears open. I want to find out who this 'Boss' is, what this bloody Pool is about. I rather like New Phlan. If this is going to be my new home instead of just a stopping point for a month or two, I'll have to do something about this 'Boss' sooner or later."

"Us too," said Ficle, smearing a huge blob of greasy butter into a steaming biscuit. "I like the place too and I'm not so sure I want to hit the circuit of arena fighting. "I'm getting all the physical action I need right now."

"Depends on what the Watch is going to be like once the monster population keeps falling,"said Thifling. "If  the law keeps their eyes too open I'll be gone before you've time to whistle 'Johnny Law'."

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