Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scorpions Feast On Our Flesh

Shouldn't it read "Scorpions approach; you are hungry"? Right?  Should I- should I just reload now?  (Ans: No, reload when all of you are dead. Should be any second now.)
I stuck all my maps in MS Paint, into one MegaMap. Interesting, so far. If I can get it made smaller, I'll put the pic below this paragraph.

Left 2 right, top 2 bottom: Podol Plaza, Kuto's f**king Well, the slums, New Phlan. Then the cemetery, I believe, and the library. 
Anyway, so I decided to try out the area above Podol Plaza. This brought me to a castle!
It's like those castles in Germany! Except way uglier, and lacking in detail completely.
Now,they didn't mention this place at city hall, nor did the city commissioner tell me I needed to bust the place up, but I still thought hey- Sokal keep, Arglebargle castle... maybe these are connected in some way...
It's like those castles in Germany! Man, that joke can be recycled  forever, I bet.
So's I watch this guy in a wagon get into the castle through the gate (in the theatre of the mind's eye- all I could REALLY see was this:
It's like those cast- yeah, yeah.)
For the measly price of $250 GP I bought a wagon from a guy, then bribed a bugbear
He's all cute and fuzzy. He's adorable.
to let me in and son of a gun, in I came!  I discovered that north of this area is what I presume to be outside- I didn't walk around, I just ducked back in, but the ground is all white and there is no overhead map. Sss, sss, the sun, it hurts me it does. So right now I'm trying to find ways of finding mission objectives so I can build up some XP- fighting monsters is a mug's game with the paltry XP reward for random fights.

I'll get it worked out. This Tyranthraxus is screwed when I find him!

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  1. Are you trying to find Sokal Keep? If so, go back to the city and go to the docks. You should be able to figure out the rest from there.

  2. Great idea with the maps! I'm not sure why I didn't just string mine all together instead of keeping them on different sheets.

    One of these days, I want to start a new game, level grind without solving any quests, and head directly for Tyranthraxus's castle. I wonder if the game lets you do that.

  3. I should try that too after I finish this version :) 'Cept it would take forever, since the XP from grinding is so bloody trivial.