Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wearily, Figtle Slammed his Sword Through the Ogres Chest.

Kaanus's beard, he thought as he dragged the chipped and slightly bent length of metal back through the ribcage of the now expired ogre. This doesn't get any easier. Which really wasn't true- the first time Figtle and the others had fought an ogre it took the five of them to bring it down and even at that, Ficle had had to use his magics to bring Thifling back to the land of the breathing.

Fimu'd killed her set of ogres using a spray of magic missiles, and her brother Feyemoo was still cutting the throats of the kobolds he'd put to sleep. Ficle was resting- using his flail to stave in three ogre skulls was very tiring work.Thifling wasn't to be seen but that was standard- his daggers,thrown from cover and shadow,had brought down another bunch of frightened goblins.

"God's beard," murmured Figtle, catching his breath. "We've become regular masters at this death business."

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