Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What This Is All About

A man who is a much better blogger than I (Crpgaddict.blogspot.com) is blogging his experiences as an addict of Computer Role Playing Games. He started at some of the first CRPGs and is working his way through them, one after the other, and telling us about them as he does so. Fascinating and fun read! He's been at it two yeears now, and will hopefully be at it for another fifty three. He's playing all the MS-DOS platform games.

Anyway, he is currently working his way through the game Pool Of Radiance by SSI, the first of the Gold Box AD&D games. The best of the bunch, from what I have heard. The game came out for a multitude of systems- MS-DOS, Amiga, C-64, Nintendo, and apparently a few others I cannot currently remember. But I got a silly idea in my head while reading his postings. What would the Nintendo version of the game be like compared to the version HE is playing?

And so, with his blessing :), I have begun this blog, Blogging The Oldies, to document the terrors of playing the Nintendo version of Pool Of Radiance. I will be using an emulator to play the game, as (cough cough) I no longer have the console machine nor the rom cartridge... but I used to! And that's the story I am sticking with! I am not currently sure which emulator I will be using, but I will tell you all the gory details all in the next post. Which I will have to do tomorrow. It's 3 AM, I have to get up at 6 AM. Somehow I have to get 8 hours sleep in that short amount of time. Hmmm.

See you next post!

Depending on how this experiment goes, and whether or not I actually get any readers other than myself :), I will continue playing and blogging my experiences at playing other games on their not-quite-optimum platforms as well :) But if I remain the writer and only reader, well then.


  1. Go for it. This will give me something to read between posts over at the CRPG Addict.

    Though I do wish your page had a better color scheme.

  2. Here's another random reader from crpg! I've actually always wondered what the NES ports of the old rpg's would be like, but I know I haven't gotthe time or the patience to play them myself, so you'll have to do it for me.

    I agree with ProphetSword about the layout/colour scheme though.

  3. Nice binary background btw =D

  4. That's a better background. Now, we're just waiting for the review.

  5. Hey there. I just found your blog through Addict's subscriptions. I too am a crpg player that got inspired by addict's blog to start a similar one as well. Good luck with your playthrough!

  6. Giauz here, and I still can't get in my google account (actually today was the first time in a few weeks that I commented on The Addicted One's blog), so I think I will comment like this for as long as I am aware that problem persists.

    I for one am glad you are doing this blog. I myself tried the game on Nintendulator, and I just was not in the mood for having to move my characters aroun in turn-based fashion in order to fight some enemies. Though, notably through sheer dumb luck (and spending about an hour rolling each character up with near-perfect starting stats) I managed to win a battle against some goblins and having their chief surrender to me and getting back to town so my near-death characters wouldn't die.

    Anywho, you might just get me to give this another try. I don't think I will ever try the computer version as apparently getting it to work on Nintendulator is a lot easier than any of the computer emulator versions. I don't know, just have to see what works for me.

    - Giauz