Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Well, That Was Depressing.

I was wandering through New Phlan, hitting every door in the Civilized portion of the town so I could accurately map where every temple, shop, tavern, and "other" was. Then I found a tavern and forgot that when our friend the fearless Addict was in a tavern, brawls broke out all the time. So imagine my surprise when, while listening to random gossip, a fight broke out.

I didn't get the screenshots for 3 of my 5 team members dying :( but then I started getting screen shots so you could all witness the horror of my 5 1st level schlubs being attacked by SIX 6th level thieves.

I think you can guess how THIS went down without screenshots. But I must... document... the horror. So, here we go :)
I was so surprised by how quickly I was chopped down like wheat from a sharpened scythe and couldn't get the screen shots in. The game is turn-based, but when it has more than one screen of info (it takes 3 screens for one character to die!) it erases the last screenie and gives the next in line. Have to move fast!
Basically it was one shot one kill. Sigh.  
At last my final living character gets a turn! Not good. 
I aim! 
I missed, by the way. 
How ignominious? Very. Very ignominious. 
I think I'll be seeing this screen a lot.

So now I must start over from my last save. Which was when I first started the game, dumped by the tour guide. Oh well! That's Role Playing! :)

See yez all next post! Hopefully I'll have actual XP that time.


  1. Ouch! Brutal!

    Nice start to the blog so far. I don't know if I'd have the stomach to play the NES version of the game. The graphics are really sub-par compared to the PC version.

    That's why I'll be having fun watching you play it instead!

  2. I quite like the way the little sprites look though!

  3. LOL
    At least you still have your map. :)

    I like your blogging style, very honest.