Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Am Thoroughly Stunned, Unsure Of What I WIll Do Next

I was in Sokal keep. I had the password and the undead patrols were just walking up to me and then away. I fought the army og goblins, hobgoblins, and ogres easily. Crushed them. Got into the center of the keep. Found the Martinez (spectre)? Started the battle.

Now, I knew it was going to be a bitch. It's a "Boss Battle", they are designed to be pig-f*cking hard. What I DIDN'T expect was that after the battle, my 2 standing characters would end up being my ONLY characters. Figtle, Fimu, and Feyemoo all have death statuses (statusi?) of GONE. And they are- there are no ways to fix them, they are "GONE".

Now, if I get myself 3 new characters to go alongside the two remaining characters (both of whom have lost half of their lvls), there is no place to go to get XP for anyone appropriate to that lvl. My 3 newbs and 2 semi-newbs would get slaughtered everywhere they went. So if I just dropped those characters and got all new characters it's even worse- FIVE newbs would be worse off then the hypothetical party of newbs and semi-newbs.

So, really, the only thing that I can do right now is to START THE WHOLE GAME OVER FROM SCRATCH. Now, our dear friend the CRPGAddict may gleefully and happily do that sort of thing without even thinking about it. Shucks, probably all of you people that aren't our dear friend the Addict would simply start the entire game over from the beginning with all new characters without even a second thought.

I ain't all y'all :) I am at a crossroads. I can either a) Quit, drop the blog, go on and just do something else because I so sorry my brozzairs, I don't have the gumption necessary to just start over from the very beginning without a second thought nor care in the world. I suspect that had I bought this game back in the day and had this exact thing happen I would have packaged it all up and taken it back to the store.

Or I can b) work from a save I made just after) I went back outside the keep and got the password, and just before) I went back inside and suddenly found the game becoming "easy".

Is either/or my friends. Not sure what I want to do at the moment- I feel a complete mix of shock/outrage/calm over what a complete game-stopping hoseage I just received. If you could tell me what y'all think, it would be appreciated. Just leave me a comment, please, he'p a brother out.


  1. Two questions:

    1) Do you not have multiple saves? I don't play any game without doing multiple saves for reasons just like this. I don't know if it's a bug or if they were hit with a disintigration spell (which is what it sounds like).

    2) Why did you attack Martinez? Fighting him is not the objective; because he is not the one who created the undead. Talking to him and being nice will take you further.

  2. Not sure what I did wrong, but when I came across Martinez I was not given any option other than battle- I could have "Wait"ed "Advance"d "Attack"ed or "Flee"d. Since FLEEing blows and WAITing just gives you the same questions back, I decided to ATTACK. Hence my post :)

    I have saves, I could just treat it as a fluke and go back in with a save from before I went into the keep. I was just so totally shocked at the outcome. I think I'm just going to retry the keep in a day or so when the shock wears off.

  3. And... we're- er- I'm back! and up to date with your blog this fine Sunday. Well I really like what I've read. Don't you dare stop those story bits. They are very nice, despite The Enraged Geek's indifference.

    As far as this situation goes, yeah try what TEG said. As for me, I indeed think I might try this out in a few days. Cheers.

    - Giauz

  4. You should play it! Despite it's "inferiority" to the PC version, it;s still a busload of fun. The graphics are cute, if nothing else. I am finding it to be a lot of fun.