Monday, June 13, 2011

This Is What I Am Talking About

I opened a door in the slum and found a goblin guard! And hokey smokes, what a goblin guard this was- a goblin leader, 6 goblins, and an ogre! But I was ready for them!

My magic user slapped down a SLEEP spell- there went three goblins, but that left three goblins AND the ogre still awake! So the other magic user threw down a SLEEP spell, and there went another goblin and the ogre! So that left my party- the FIGHTER, the FIGHTER/CLERIC, the THIEF, and the two FIGHTER/MAGIC USERs against 2 simple goblins! The fight was mine!

Well, the two goblins took out both fighter/magic users and the thief, so when everyone else woke up my fighter and fighter cleric went down FAST. Of all the swings my characters took, I connected only twice and on separate monsters. I didn't take out a single bad guy.

I might need to start this game over again, except make a major change when I do- not be me when I do so.


  1. It must have something to do with this version of the game. I doubt you'd still be struggling through the Slum area if you were playing another version (PC or Commodore 64, for example).

    I fired this game up myself yesterday just to try it out. I don't know how you can deal with the horrible combat interface. This has to be the worst port of this game ever.

    And as to my comment earlier about you still being in the Slums, that wasn't a personal attack on you or anything. I was just surprised you hadn't cleared it out yet.

  2. I am struggling with clearing the Slums on the PC version too. Those trolls are nasty. My characters are all multiclass fighters (except the fighter, he is just a fighter), and I can't level enough in order to get those trolls.

  3. Have you tried going by the Training Hall and hiring NPCs to travel with you?

  4. I would hire me some NPCs if I had enuff cash for it. Actually, I need to make a new post because Things Have Changed, but at the time of the posts writing, I didn't have enuff cash to buy myself lunch or postcards.

    1. You can't even hire NPCs with five characters. It's kind of a slap in the face with this game.

  5. I got loads of cash, but I don't like having 'strangers' on my team.